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Starting a business? Need space for meetings? Looking for opportunities to network? The Werx is a growing Coworking Space located in the heart of Azle and designed to meet the needs of our community of entrepreneurs and innovators.


Our stunning and comfortable coworking spaces offer a variety of plans for individuals or small businesses. Equipped with a wide range of services and high-speed internet, our offices are the perfect venue for brainstorming, networking, and learning. Have a look at our site to learn more about our facilities and possibilities, and get in touch with one of our team members to schedule a visit.

Meet The Team

Lori Hankins

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Lori is The Werx owner and creative mastermind. She saw a need for this space when she herself was working from home and noticed her level of productivity was not ideal. Turns out no one will pay you to wash your own dishes and play with your dogs. Who knew? She started looking for office space and wished Azle had a coworking space like most big cities do. After discussing this with her husband Joey they decided why not just open one and there The Werx was born. Lori is very involved in the community and local networking events and always looking for ways to spread the word about her fellow coworkers. 

Joey Hankins

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Joey is Lori's husband, a handyman and also owner of The Werx. Joey used his many talents to completely transform this space from a multi-colored daycare facility with blue indoor-outdoor carpet to the inviting and inspiring space it has become. Joey has created a warm and cozy atmosphere that feels like home and he also continues to cultivate creative ideas for how to expand the purpose of the space. Stay tuned for exciting things to come. 

Cassie Long

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Cassie is The Werx daytime receptionist as well as a Virtual Assistant. She offers social media management, creates websites and many other administrative tasks for small businesses including The Werx. Cassie had a very similar experience as Lori when working from home and needed a more productive space to complete her work. When she and Lori met it was an obvious solution to both of their problems so she became The Werx first full-time coworker and is now there to answer any questions and provide tours. 

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328 W Main St Azle TX United States 76020

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